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Forex Brokers offers various promotions to attract traders, the popular bonuses offered by brokers are Forex No Deposit Bonus and Forex Deposit Bonus. Other than this brokers offers Rebate Bonus, Welcome Bonuses, Cash back Bonuses etc.

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Best Forex Bonus Promotions 2015

We have listed some of the Top Forex Brokers Bonus offers, which helps Forex traders to trade with increased Trading capital .

Check our Forex Deposit Bonus Page for the List of popular deposit promotions by Forex brokers. Some brokers provides bonus that can be used as Margins (Rescue bonus) and some brokers provide bonus; where bonus is converted to cash when traders meet the volume requirements.


Start With The Best Features License Deposit
Deposit Bonus up to 400 %New Zealand Registeredforex claim
100 % Margin Bonus on First DepositMIFID ,ASICforex claim
Volume Bonus 100 % on DepositsLondon (UK) Basedforex claim
First Deposit Bonus 100% OfferCysecforex claim
XM Deposit Bonus 100%CySEC,ASICforex claim

Types of Forex Bonuses Offered by Forex Brokers

No Deposit Forex Bonus:

This is a Free Forex bonus offered by brokers to attract new traders .Here Traders gets free Funds as Trading credits from brokers when you open a Trading account .Generally brokers provide such bonuses in between 10$ to 100$ . Traders must have to meet the volume Requirements conditions of the brokers to withdraw money. Some brokers also require you to make a small initial deposit for withdrawing profits.

Margin Bonus or Rescue Bonus on deposits

A Margin bonus means Traders can use the broker’s funds as Trading Equity, and if u loss the equity subsequent percentage of Amount lost is deducted from your bonus also…

For Example: you deposited $1000 and took a 30% Rescue Bonus (Margin Bonus). Then your new equity will be $1300. Suppose say you lost 300$ then 30% loss will be deducted from the bonus, it will be 90$ so u will be having a withdrawable Amount 1000-210(bonus) = 790$

So here even u lost 300$ u are actually losing $210 of your own funds… so this way Rescue bonus helps you. Many brokers offer Margin bonus – Major brokers offering Margin bonus are Hotforex, IronFX (CySEC Regulated) and

Volume Bonus

This type of bonus is best for traders who trades high volume .Forex brokers offer volume bonus up to 100 %. In this type of bonus when u deposit u get bonus added to your account, but you have to meet the volume to withdraw the bonus.

With the Volume Bonus, what you need to do to get the maximum benefit is to meet the volume requirement and then make withdraw, this type of bonus is only good for long terms traders. If u withdraws before completing the volume, then a subsequent percent of bonus will be removed upon withdrawals

Rebates Bonus or Cash Back Bonus

Rebate bonus means traders are provided cash rebates when you trade a “lot” unit of currency using your trading capital. The maximum amount of rebate you can get is based on brokers rebates rates. Brokers like Hotforex, provides up to 100% Rebate bonuses.

Most brokers are providing a Cash rebate of $2 to $3 per lot. The better the rebate is good for traders. Some brokers provides Credit rebate of $10 per lot. offers this type of rebates.

What you need to look when you select a Rebate Bonus

  • First you have to check whether the Rebates are cash rebates or credit rebates.
  • Maximum amounts of rebates offered by the brokers
  • Are the brokers increasing the spread when they offering rebates or not.
  • If credit Rebates are the Margin credits (like Margin bonus) that can be used as equity or not

For cash rebates it can be withdrawn any time .If the brokers are providing credits rebates like $10 per lot, this credits can be used to increase the trading capital, credit bonus must have some conditions like the Volume bonus, but the advantage is that this bonus can be used as margins with most brokers .

Best Binary Options Bonus 2015

Below are some of the Binary Options Brokers bonus of 2015


Start With The Best Features License Deposit
Cash Match Bonus 100%CYSECforex claim
100 % Bonus OfferAMF, CySEC, BaFinforex claim

How to Select a Good Forex Brokers Bonus

To select a good bonus, traders have to first decide what type of bonus suits them. For Newcomers No deposit bonus is the best option to start trading Forex risk free.

For experienced traders Deposit Bonus is very good .For Deposit bonus traders can choose Margin Bonus (Rescue Bonus), Volume Bonus, Rebate bonus or Cash Back bonus

Advantages and Disadvantages of Forex Bonuses

Advantages of Forex Bonus

  • Bonus funds increases our trading equity, and gives more control to our account, helps in trading with higher leverage.
  • Margin Bonuses helps to trade with brokers funds, can this can be used at times of margin call also.
  • Rebate bonuses give extra profits for Forex traders.
  • No deposit bonuses are beginner friendly, gives newbie Forex traders a chance to test the experience of real Forex trading

Disadvantages of Forex Bonus

  • Apart from margin bonus, other bonuses cannot be used as margins .once the equity goes below our deposited funds, then bonus will be removed automatically by the Forex brokers.
  • No deposit Forex bonuses have very high volume requirements with some brokers, which are really hard to meet.

What other Offers are you can find from our site

Forex Contests – Forex contest are promotions offered by brokers to the clients. There are two types of contents.

Forex Demo Contest – this is a type of Forex contest in which is held in demo Forex trading accounts. Once you register for a demo Forex trading contest, brokers provide you a chance to participate in the contest; demo contests are held daily weekly or monthly mainly. The traders can get real cash or Credit funds when you win the contest prizes

Forex Live Contests – Here contests are held in live accounts, you need to have a funded live account to participate in live trading contests

Webinars and Seminars: we list the brokers that offer traders with Free Webinars and live trading sessions, online Forex trading presentations etc. Seminars are offline presentation conducted by brokers. From our webinars pages you will get the updated information’s about the latest broker’s webinars and seminars.

Forex Brokers Reviews – from this session you can read the honest review about the forex brokers. The selection of right forex brokers is very important for traders. In our site we list only good brokers, scam brokers will not find any place in our site.

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